What can I donate?

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ALL our drop-off points are now closed until further notice.  If you have donations we would be grateful if you would keep them until our drop off points re-open except for baby formula and nappies

We would be grateful for items for newborn babies marked '✓' in the list below. Sorry we can't take items marked '✘'. For how we use your donations please see our Donation Policy.

If you would like to buy for us, please check what we most need.

For items not on our list, please check with us first to avoid us having to dispose of items we can't use.

Clothing - Good condition used and new clothes, sizes tiny, newborn and 0-3 months but not 3-6 months or older please. If clothes have been recently laundered please mark each bag clearly; this saves us washing them again.

  Baby baths
  Baby slings
  Baby boxes
  Bath supports
  Bibs & muslin squares
  Blankets & sheets for Moses baskets, cots, and cot beds
  Books for babies
  Books about pregnancy, childcare, parenting or self-help topics
  Bottles & teats - new only please
  Breast pads - open packs individually wrapped are welcome
  Breast pumps - new only please
  Cot bumpers or quilts
  Cot mobiles
  Door bouncers
  Electrical items - i.e. any item with a mains plug
  Hand made blankets & cardigans - please see this page
  Hand made toys

  Maternity clothing
  Maternity sanitary towels
  Moses baskets - with or without covers, please remove the old mattress
  Moses basket stands
  Nappies - size 1, open packs welcome
  Nappy change bags & mats
  Nursing cushions
  Play mats & play gyms
  Prams, pushchairs or buggies
  Safety equipment of any kind including car seats or stairgates
  Sleeping bags - 0-6mths only please
  Sterilisers - microwave & cold water only please
  Swaddle & baby wraps
  Toiletries for baby - any brand baby wash, shampoo, & baby wipes
  Please don't buy baby oil, talc or cottonwool for us
  Toiletries for mum - shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste & individually wrapped toothbrushes
  Toiletry bags - please see this page
  Hooded baby towels or small bath towels
  CE marked small toys only please