Our donation policy

Baby’s Basket values every item given to us; we are conscious donations may have sentimental attachment and parents or carers have given us their baby’s precious things to help a baby in need. 

This document sets out our policy on what we do with your donations so you can have confidence we will use them responsibly and sensitively. 

1.   Age appropriate clothes suitable for our baskets

0-3 months baby clothing

Baby’s Basket focus is on providing for babies in need 0-3 months old.  Most good condition clothes for this age group are kept for use by Baby’s Basket. Surplus clothes may be passed to maternity and neonatal special care units or made into bundles for health visitors.

2. Items unsuitable for our baskets but otherwise in good condition

Inevitably we receive clothes and bedding bundled with donations which are over-size or unsuitable for our use for other reasons.  We try to find good homes for these too. These include:

3-6 months babygros and bodysuits

Most 3-6 months babygros and bodysuits will be made into mini packs of three of each to give to Health Visitors who give them to families in need.  We keep a few for older babies in need.

Clothes 3-6 months  

Most 3-6 months clothes are assembled into outfits and passed on with the baskets for babies to grow into. 

Cot bedding

Cot sheets and blankets are made into bedding packs.  Cot duvet covers are kept.  Cot duvets and bumpers are destroyed. 

3. Items unsuitable for other reasons

Good condition clothes, but too big 

Clothes for babies over 6 months old are not kept.  We may sell them to raise funds or pass them to local childrens’ centres or charity shops.  We only sell clothes as usable items in this country never as bundles to go to abroad.

Inappropriate slogans and logos

We try to be sensitive to the different situations in which some of the parents who receive our baskets may find themselves, so we don’t put clothes in our baskets which have logos or slogans that may be inappropriate such as: ‘Daddy’, ‘Grandma’, ‘Brother’, ‘Sister’ for example, or we judge might cause offence or distress.  These are passed on to our other outlets.

Poor condition items

Clothing and bedding which is too worn, damaged or stained is given to The Bridge Community Hub for their clothing recycling bank, which raises money to support their work with local families in need.  Blankets and towels which are unsuitable for babies are given to local animal rehoming charities. We give any other re-usable Items we are unable to use to other carefully chosen local charities, where possible those whose objects are closest to our own or relieves financial hardship.

4. Moses Baskets

If we accumulate more baskets than we can accommodate we pass these to similar schemes to Baby’s Basket to help babies in need in other areas.  Every basket is checked for safety and hygiene when it arrives and any poor quality basket destroyed.  We ask donors to remove used mattresses before donating a basket, any that arrive are destroyed as every basket is given a new one.

5. Bottles, toiletries and sanitary products

Bottles are available on request but are not routinely included in baskets  Only new bottles and teats are kept, used ones or unsealed packet items are destroyed. We re-pack good condition loose nappies and individually wrapped breast pads.  All other open packs and bottles are destroyed.

6. Reserved rights (the legal bit)

Baby’s Basket reserves the right to:

  • refuse to accept any donation for any reason;
  • pass on any donation we are unable to use to another charity, where possible one whose objects are closest to our own or relieves financial hardship;
  • dispose of any donation as we see fit, including disposal as waste or for recycling.  Items will be disposed of responsibly and any proceeds added to Baby’s Basket funds.

Revised March 2018